Next with E88 and Dance-Compagny ‘Sally’
We bring once more (or, actually, about 20 times) Crumb’s string-quartet ‘Black Angels’, as part of a mesmerizing dance-production of Krisztina[...]
Manto III, ‘pour une altiste chanteuse’, Scelsi
I finally made this recording from back in 2008 into a video, using some excerpts from Metallic Pastels by Georgine[...]
Improvisation, Viola and Harpsichord
As we are working on a new program, Pauline Schenck and I decided to get more into complete improvising, and[...]
“Meine Ruh”
This composition-- composed in 2017, based on 'Bist Du bei Mir' BWV 508 by J.S. Bach, was initiated by dutch[...]
“Himmelhoch Jauchzend”
This is a live-audio-recording (with only one not very good and not well-placed microphone... ;) ...) of our concert (Perles[...]
“If my Complaints”
This is a live-audio-recording of a concert in Antwerpen in 2010 that I recently turned into a video, using a.o.[...]
Next with Perles Sonores
  Sunday 15.07.2018, 15:30 Stiftskirche Vreden, Kirchplatz 48691 Vreden (Germany, at the border with the Netherlands). Entrance Free works of a.o.[...]
Next with E88
On july 5th, at 3 pm in Amsterdam during the 'Julidans'-festival, we bring once more Crumb's string-quartet 'Black Angels', as[...]
“Vivace” from Teleman’s Sonate in D (TWV41:DA3)
This is a live-recording (only audio, phone-recording ;) ) from our concert in the Remonstrantse Kerk, Oosterbeek, Netherlands February 2018.[...]
Little Improvisation in special kind of mood.
This video suddenly came to the surface: a little totally unprepared impro in kind of a special mood I did[...]
“Largo” from Teleman’s Sonate in D (TWV41:DA3)
"Largo" from Teleman's Sonate in D (originally for trumpet) arrangement, viola: Dominica Eyckmans (playing 'Magnus' made by André Theunis[...]
“Aus tiefer Not”, version for viola, voice, trumpet and harpsichord.
Inspired by 'Aus Tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir'’, BWV 686, J.S. Bach, version of 2017,  for viola, voice, trumpet[...]
Dominica Eyckmans

About the Artist

... not your average viola-player, but a multi-railed artist that is passionate about and fascinated by expression through sound, movement and their intrinsic combination by means of viola-playing (from classical all the way to experimental and improvisation), voice, dance and performance-art. Always experimenting and investigating, and composing.

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