Manto I, (Scelsi) for viola solo
Scelsi was inspired by “Manto”, a Sybil of Delphi, the oracle of the temple of Apollo, getting in trance due[...]
Manto II (Scelsi) for viola solo.
Finally had the time to turn this old recording (2008) into a video. Scelsi was inspired by “Manto”, a Sybil[...]
Lente… dàt is de Kunst
Where you can find me as my Elfen-alter-ego ‍♀️on march 15th, with my viola, my voice, my big harp and my[...]
Next with E88 Saturday, March 14th 2020 20h IKOB - Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst Rotenberg 12 B, 4700 Eupen Musik als politisches Statement[...]
Winter…. dàt is de Kunst (2)
This time, we do the event in the afternoon, at 2.30pm,  so we can also do some activity outdoors where[...]
Next with E88
America- Music First! Dit jaar wordt overal ter wereld herdacht dat de Tweede Wereldoorlog 75 jaar geleden ten einde kwam,[...]
Winter…. dàt is de Kunst.
  ... where you can find me this Sunday, with my viola, my harp and my voice. As well as[...]
Requiem Faure, St-Vith
Ter herdenking aan de vernietiging van de stad in 1944, waarbij ongeveer 1500 mensen gesneuveld zijn, zal er in de[...]
Shakespeare in’t Brussels, met ensemble Brussel’Air
Donderdag 7 november, 12u30 @Huis van de Raad van de Vlaamse  Gemeenschapscommissie, Lombardstraat 61, 1000 Brussel LITERAIR SALON: VOORSTELLING BOEK[...]
Herfst…. dàt is de Kunst.
Op Aarde-Werk de Stegge starten we op 20 oktober 2019 om 15u een nieuwe, experimentele evenementen-cyclus waarin we natuur, muziek[...]
Next with E88 and Dance-Compagny ‘Sally’
We bring once more (or, actually, about 20 times) Crumb’s string-quartet ‘Black Angels’, as part of a mesmerizing dance-production of Krisztina[...]
Manto III, ‘pour une altiste chanteuse’, Scelsi
I finally made this recording from back in 2008 into a video, using some excerpts from Metallic Pastels by Georgine[...]
Dominica Eyckmans

About the Artist

... not your average viola-player, but a multi-railed artist that is passionate about and fascinated by expression through sound, movement and their intrinsic combination by means of viola-playing (from classical all the way to experimental and improvisation), voice, dance and performance-art. Always experimenting and investigating, and composing.

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