(1967, Belgium)

Dominica started playing the viola at the age of 17, after having studied the piano and the flute.Among her teachers are Erwin Schiffer, Thérèse-Marie Gilissen, Yves Cortvrint, Vladimir Mendelssohn, Marjolein Dispa-Knaven and Paul De Clerck. Thus he obtained the “Premier Prix d’Alto”, the “Diplôme Supérieur d’Alto”, the “Master Degree -Viola” and the “Premier Prix de Musique de Chambre” with Distinction. Simultaneously she got the “Premier Prix de Fugue” and the “Master Degree - Theory” with Distinction in the class of Raphaël D’Haene.

From 1995 until 1999 she was assistent-viola-teacher at the Royal Conservatory in Mons (Belgium)

Improvising with Lythophonist, Tony di Napoli

Iimprovising with Lythophonist, Tony di Napoli

Currently she focuses mainly on contemporary and experimental music, improvisation and as a member of Sturm und Klang, Ensemble ON, and previously ‘Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles’, ‘Musikfabrik’, ‘Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin’, ‘Champ d’Action’, ‘Ictus’, ..., and has as such played all over the world and participated ad numerous recordings.

In that same field, her main project is "Dazzlin’Viola-conVoce”, combining viola-playing and singing, her own compositions as well as pieces written for her. She currently studies singing with Nadine Bratman, and previously with Jean Fürst, Solange Labbé, and performs occasionally also as a voice artist, or in music-theater (Kurt Weil's "Three Penny Opera", ....)

As MrsPeachum in Weil's 'Three Penny Opera'

As MrsPeachum in Weil's 'Three Penny Opera'

Performing RothkoChapel, Hengelo

As a viola- soloist she performed at IRCAM (Paris), Weimar, Köln, Oxford, Brussels ... and during number of festivals of contemporary music (Ars Musica, November Music, ...) and has thus played number of Belgian (Scelsi, ...) and world-creations (e.g. the concerto for viola and ensemble ‘Obstinatissimo’, dedicated to her, by Denis Bosse and ‘Face à face’ for viola-solo by Pierre Bartholomée, ‚Hadewych, MysticMutations’ for voice and viola by Solange Labbé)

She's also active in just as well classical music (mostly chamber music, and as principal viola of 'Van Wassenaer Consort' in Holland) as jazz (with Charles Loos, Steve Houben), improvisation (both acoustical and electro-acoustical) and ‘variété’ (An Pierlé, …)

Being also fascinated with dance (previously classes of classical ballet, contemporary and flamenco), she also occasionally performs as a contemporary dancer and created 'Dances with Viola'.  A project wherein she dances and plays the viola at the same time, thus transforming the viola-sounds through the choreography and with the help of electronica (movement-sensors placed on the body.) (vidéo 'El pàjaro y la red', ordered by Musée Erasme in collaboration with artist José Marìa Sicilia).  She started this with sound-engineer Todor Todoroff . This project is now continued with Joan Bagès Rubi in collaboration with Logos Foundation (Ghent) and Labri/SCRIME (Bordeaux)

'Dances with Viola' improvising with some fire, the flames were responsive to my sound and movements.

She was awarded with the ‘Belgian Vocation - Foundation’ (1995), won the ‘Prize Jadot for Viola’ twice (1991 and 1995) as well as the  ‘Prize Baron Lambert for viola’ (1999) and the  ‘Prize Colonel Mrs. de Bisschop-Matthijssens’ (1992).