André Theunis is the luthier — actually a real sound-magician — that takes care of my viola and bows. You van count on him for always searching for new ways and techniques and even original inventions to get the absolute maximum out of your string-instrument.
Especially his latest invention ‘Accordeur de Loup’ is absolutely a strike of genius.
You can find out more about that (and him) on his site

‘Sturm und Klang‘ is the ensemble for contemporary music based in Brussels that I currently am the principle viola of. I also performed as a soloist with the ensemble a few times already, in ‘Surfing’ (Boesmans) and ‘The Viola in My Life’ (Feldman).
You can enjoy some recordings of our concerts on their site.

‘Arc Verona’ is a company where you can buy absolutely everything you an imagine that a string-player might need  — and even more than you can imagine you would need, at interesting prices. Like those absolutely fabulous and indestructible pult-maps that are indispensable for keeping large scores of  all sizes (of contemporary music…..) safe and comfortable on your pult. I could not live without anymore. Have a look, check the site out, you will be amazed of the stuff they have available.

Logos Foundation is a centre of contemporary and experimental music based in Ghent, where I regularly (about once a month) give performances, most often with the robot-orchestra that Godfried Willem Raes invents and constructs all by himself, and using their movement-sensor-technique. Those performances are mostly dance-performances, at times also using either my viola, voice, or both.

Van Wassenaer Consort, based in Holland, is an orchestra that mainly accompanies choirs of all sorts, in all kinds of repertoires. I am their principal viola, and also performed soloist with them (my own composition ‘Essence’ for viola, voice and string-ensemble), and did a solo-performance as an opener for a concert with my composition ‘Aus tiefer Not’ for voice and viola.