Dazzlin'Viola-conVoce" is a unique concept in evolution: a full program of original pieces for viola and voice, with the exception of 'Manto3' and 'Caris Mere' all written for Dominica Eyckmans (viola, voice), combined with pieces for solo-viola.

As the project evolves, more and/or other original works for voice and viola can be inserted. A few more composers are interested now to write something for me for this project, and the selection of viola-solo-pieces can be more or less contemporary, as suites the theme/atmosphere of any festival or occasion.

Examples of Short Programs

  • ‘If my complaints’, Dowland/Eyckmans, voice and viola
  • ‘Hadewych Mystic Mutation’, for voice and viola, Solange Labbé, text: Hadewych
  • ‘Manto 3, pour une altiste/chanteuse’ for voice and viola, Giacinto Scelsi
  • ‘El silencio de mi mente’ for voice and viola, Joachim Brackx
  • ‘Mon amour’ for voice and viola, Stéphane Collin
  • ‘Reiselied’ for voice and viola, Jean-Pierre Waelbroeck, text Hugo von Hofmannstahl
  • ‘Caris Mere’ for voice and viola, Kantcheli
  • ‘Aus tiefer Not’, for voice and viola, Dominica Eyckmans

Examples of Longer Versions

  • ‘Elegy’ for solo viola , Benjamin Britten
  • ‘If my complaints’, Dowland/Eyckmans, voice and viola
  • ‘Andante’ fro the 2de Suite of Max Reger
  • ‘Hadewych Mystic Mutation’, pour voix et alto, Solange Labbé, text: Hadewych
  • ‘Sonate’ op 25 n° 1, Paul Hindemith

—— Break ——

  • ‘Mon Amour’ for voice and viola, Stéphane Collin
  • ‘Capriccio’, Henri Vieuxtemps
  • “el silencio de mi mente” for voice and viola, Joachim Brackx
  • ‘Cadenza’, Krzysztof Pendercki
  • ‘Reiselied’ for voice and viola, Jean-Pierre Waelbroeck, text:Hugo von Hofmannstahl

Dances with Viola

Another original concept I'm working on: I dance while playing viola (and singing) and have movement-sensors on my body with which I can translate the choreographies into sound thanks to advanced software, thus creating several layers of sound. So one could say I play the viola with my whole body.

When the project develops further, video and light can be added in an interactive way.


An original duo viola (and voice) + organ with Erwin Van Bogaert, playing original works, adaptations, and new work that is written for us (by Solange Labbé, Jean-Pierre Waelbroeck, myself ...


I regularly play chamber music in all kinds of constellations with a pool of fantastic musicians: string duo, trio, quartet, with clarinet, piano.... We perform 'regular' concerts, just as well as on receptions of all kinds, private house-concerts.


As a soloist, apart from my special projects "Dazzlin'Viola-conVoce' and 'Dances with Viola', I also perform the regular viola-solo repertoire, as well as as a soloist with ensemble (Vaughan Williams' "Flos Campi", Feldman's "RothkoChapel" and "The viola in my Life", "Obstinatissimo" written for me by Dennis Bosse, "Surfing" by Philippe Boesmans, Maratka's "Astrophonia", Hindemiths's "Trauermusik", Mozart's "Concertante", ......)

Performances without viola


Performing Aperghis' "Récitations"

Performing  Rzewski's "Lullaby to a hungry child" 

Musical Theater

in Andrea Molino's "There is no Why here', with Transparant, deSingel, Antwerp

As Mrs Peachum in Kurt Weil's "Three Penny Opera"

Dance, Performance

Performing with the robot-orchestra at Logos, Ghent

Dance-performance at Logos, Ghent