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“Aus tiefer Not”, version for viola, voice, trumpet and harpsichord.

February 7, 2018

Inspired by ‘Aus Tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir’’, BWV 686, J.S. Bach, version of 2017,  for viola, voice, trumpet and harpsichord, interpreted by PerlesSonores Composition, voice & viola: Dominica Eyckmans (playing”Magnus” made by André Theunis) Trumpet (Piccolo in G) : Robert de Boer (playing a Schilke G4L) Harpsichord: Pauline Schenck (harpsichord built by Martin Skowroneck) Recorded […]

My Wishes (2017)

January 11, 2017

…just a little kindergarten home- and handcrafted experiment…made in a silly but loving and generous mood … 🙂 learning skills… to wish you all the most happy new year 2017 Dedicated to the MasterKeyExperiment course, and loving gratitude to R. viola, harp, concept, ….sweat and tears 🙂 …: Dominica displayed artwork: Metallic pastels of G. […]

“Rothko Chapel”, M. Feldman

October 14, 2016

Live recording (appologies for the not so good soundquality of the recording) of the concert on september 25, 2014 in Rabotheater Hengelo (Netherlands) Viola : Dominica Eyckmans Conductor: Emile Engel Celesta : Gijs van Schoonhoven Percussion. : Folkert Buis Choir : vocaal ensemble Ex Arte

‘Aus tiefer Not’

March 28, 2016

piece for viola and voice, composed by myself, based on the Bach Choral ‘Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir’, premiered in Arnhem (Netherlands) on saturday march 26, 2016 inspired by the events in Brussels a few days before. With many thanks to Jan van Dijk. sound-recording: Jules Mellema, Van Wassenaer Consort. (

‘Dances with Viola’: “Shadows”

March 13, 2016

This was the very first video of my ‘Dances with viola’, at that time with Todor Todoroff, which seeks to combine viola playing and dancing, translating movement into sound, by using sensors placed in the body. The project benefited from the results of NUMEDIART project #4.2 (Dancing Viola), in which we inves­ti­gated ges­ture recog­ni­tion and […]

‘Dances with Viola’: “El Pajaro y la red”

March 9, 2016

A short video made by Laura Colmenares Guerra and ‘Dances with Viola’, (Dominica Eyckmans, composition, viola, dance, voice and at that time Todor Todoroff, musical interaction, sensors and software) inspired by and for the occasion of an exhibition of Sicilia in Erasmus-museum, Brussels in 2010. All sounds are originally viola-sounds, triggered through the movements, in […]